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How the world sees EBM

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We at Gamma have been researching and developing the EBM Technology for over 30 years. During that time frame, we have invited literally thousands of people into our office and laboratories – everyone from scientists to media personnel to potential investors to potential employees. Many of these people have assisted with the progress over the decades, but many others were not as open-minded and left with a negative attitude toward the technology.

A select few of these people have created sites on the Internet – website, blogs and even videos – that have attempted to cause harm to this world-changing technology.

To our knowledge, during the life span of the World Wide Web, over 20 separate internet sites have cited that they represent Gamma, and the parent company Electro Erg. Limited. These sites, however, are falsehoods that we must speak here on our own authentic website.

For the past year, we have been dialoguing with the website owners and Google to remove this content from the Web, with some progress but not enough.

Below please find the addresses for the websites, blog and videos that we do NOT SUPPORT, APPROVE OF, NOR ENDORSE – thank you for your understanding.