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The EBM Clean Energy Technology is a uniquely configured rotating machine using laminated steels and copper windings, similar in many ways to current large commercial motors or generators commonly in use today. The similarity ends when one measures the output while being rotated through the EBM magnetic field. The unusual geometry of the EBM field allows the EBM units to consistently produce excess sellable energy.
The actual mechanism of the physics involved in this energy production is proprietary information.

The EBM Clean Energy Technology Difference

EBM Efficiency All of the EBM Units display evidence that they are the most efficient generators produced. The energy necessary to rotate the shaft of the EBM Units is virtually entirely converted to electricity. These results are far superior to the readily available off-the-shelf generators currently used around the globe, today. 
The EBM Difference The EBM Clean Energy Technology, however, shows that with specific parametric adjustments, the efficiency becomes even greater, enabling the EBM Units to produce enough electricity to siphon off the necessary amount to excite the driving motor AND have excess electricity to be used or sold, depending on the need or want.

With the EBM Clean Energy Technology, the possibilities are endless…

Our Products (All orders are customized)

Integrated systems 50 kW-20 MW
Products are made to measure for specific customers.

The following products are under development.

SLIS-01A 1.5 KW SLIS-03 50 KW
SLIS-01B 5.0 KW SLIS-04 100 KW
SLIS-01 10 KW SLIS-05 200 KW
SLIS-02 20 KW SLIS-06 400 KW
SL-1 1.0 MW SL-4 50 MW
SL-2 2.5 MW G-300 75 MW
SL-3 5.0 MW    


The efficiency of the above units is far superior to other forms of energy conversion
- it allows processes that are too costly to now become common place:

  • replace obsolete coal, oil fired, and nuclear plants
    desalination of sea water
    oxygen and nitrogen manufacture for infertile land
    inexpensive hydrogen for fuel cell technology
    hydroponic production of food
    sewage treatment
    heating cooling for various purposes


And this list is by no means exhaustive.